Dears Friends,

I win an "old Lady" HP34C calculator but I don't have Manuals.
Any body help me...???

Best regards,

Italo Foradini




Dave, the museum's curator, provides you with a choice of CDs or a DVD to meet your needs. CD1 or 2 contains the HP-34C's manual.
See the CD section of the museum. I recently got my DVD...



I've said it before and I'll say it again: the Museum CDs are a BARGAIN at twice the price. I bought the complete set a month or so ago.

It has almost all the manuals available for all HP calculators (the ones not currently available from HP). Now, when I get "new" calculator, I just print out the .pdf of the manual and put it in a three ring binder.

I have printed about 10 of the manuals so far (many trees shall die before I am finished...), and the scans have been virtually perfect on every one.

Plus, the CD set has all sorts of other cools stuff like photos of all the calcs, HP Journal articles and even a book or two.

I highly recommend it.

Take care.


PS - Please note that I DO use both sides of the page when printing the manuals. I would not want anyone to get the idea I HATE trees or anything ... ;^)

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