HP-34C Pr Error


My HP-34C is always running Pr Error when I put the switch on (except when I trun It very quickly). I try hundred of pages on the web without succes. Connector are clean, but the ribbon (the one which is connected to connector of the battery pack) seems not properly rebuild (!). Does anybody know how to keep permanent memory (ie no Pr Error when the calculator is ON) ? Perhaps a photo of the connection could help me in case of a non properly rebuilt ribbon. Or also the disposition of the three ships not soldered.
Sorry for my poor English (I'm living in France) Thank you


It's probably a bad battery pack that doesn't hold charge.

I bought my 34C with this problem, but after rebuilding the pack, it's like new.

Directions for rebuilding battery packs are found elsewhere at this site.

Good Luck!



Probably it has been manipulated and there is a chip in wrong position. If you can dissasemble it and post the chips´identification probably I can help you.



I'll do that, just a few hours

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