Programming speed on 48GX


Just wondering, but do program run faster in Port :0: or faster in the home directory?


No speed difference, since both port0 and HOME reside in main RAM.

Differences will be there if you store your program in a port>0, or worse, a port>1 . Ports 2 to n are always bankswitched, so code run from there will always be slower.

Port 1 is online (not switched) in most cases. IIRC, there were occasions when even port 1 is hidden, but i'm not sure at the moment.

However, most of my software libraries reside in port 1, and the programs run very fast from there.



code run from there will always be slower

The code will run at the same speed but program loading will be slower because it has to bo copied from port >=2 into main memory before execution (unless you execute it directly from the port as in the case of my emulators).

Code from port 1 usually don't have to be copied to main memory and can be executed directly.

I have measured the machine code execution time in main memory and RAM cards in port 1, 2, ... and I haven't noticed any difference in speed.

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Thanks. When I call the programs I need to also press EVAL.
E.g. :0:quadratic . Is there any alternative way of doing it? Thanks,


I use to store my programs in libraries and call them from menus (choose boxes or softkeys): does this help to you?


Hi Raul,
If you were running a program and it calls up a subroutine [subprogram] stored in port:0: , how would you call it?


with EVAL, as you said in your previous post


Why do you store it in port 0 anyway?

It uses the same RAM as main RAM.

{VPN} now using the new 49g+


I answered a question... but sure I don't store my libraries in port 0. (...but Erable "fixed addreses")
For saving free memory in the main RAM, I store my programs grouped in libraries in ports>=2. So for running a program, just key in its name. Not EVAL is needed. Or use menus...


Sorry Raul!

I should have answered the previous post...

Iqbal gave actually a good answer to my question

with best regards {VPN}


I store my programs in port :0:.
I started doing so because someone I gave my programs gave another person [that I didn't approve of] and I started to think of a way to prevent stealing of my programs. It works, because they have to call it out of port :0: and then send it across and then send it back to port :0: because some programs call back programs from port :0: [bit confusing :)] . So if it's not there they'll have a problem. I have in fact written an installation program to transfer my programs to port :0: and it's purged after installation. It looks good when it's being installed and secondly, it makes it very tedious to transfer.

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