Libraries in What Port


In which HP49G+ port should you install libraries if you want to conserve as much useable RAM as possible? Obviously not in port 0, but is port 1 (ERAM) or port 2 (FLASH) preferred? The user manual is not clear about that. Thanks.


I put them in port 2 (flash).



Yes, but why? Any clear advantages, or only personal preference?


1) It's bigger, so it can hold more before being filled up.

2) Flash is very secure from erasure by accident.


OK, thanks.

One more thing: Could libs in flash be overwritten by rom updates?


Only if it is very poorly written.

Personally, if I were the FIRST person to install a flash update...I'd be very careful. If one has been out for weeks, then I wouldn't worry.

Very low risk, IMO.



However, it's always wise to back up files to another medium (PC) before an update. This is true for many (if not most) occasions and platforms;-)



If the Flash upgrade is 2MB, it will write over the user Flash.
If it is 1.2MB then it is safe.
The HP web site should only give access to 1.2MB Flash.

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