Programming calculator brand new?


I'm looking for a place to buy a lot of scientific programmable calculators. Appart the HP-33S, is there other non graphing calculator that are still in production RPN or not?

Each new school year in september, i bought these programmable calculators and sell them to all my math / sciences students and teach them how to program it. Last september, i was lucky to find a batch of brand new HP-20S, but what can i buy for next new session? I need about 50 of these machine any brand any OS is ok but need programmability...

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Your best choice would be the HP 33s, 
because it has RPN ALG and Equation modes
and it can be programmed (in RPN/ALG)
plus it is allowed in all test

You will certainly get a discount on 50 calculators
you could even become a reseller


I don't know if the 33S will be available in Canada soon. All the "new" line of HP calculators like the HP-49G+ are not available to us yet.


Bonjour Michel,

What happens if you try to order throgh Amazon? Will they refuse shipment to Canada?

And then there is Eric Rechlin's "commercial page" at,




I know of the following non-graphing programmables (apart from the 33s) that are still in production. They are available in Europe but i do not think they are available in the USA.


fx-4500PA: 1103 steps, Display: 1 segment line + 1 dot matrix line

fx-4800P: 4500 steps, 4 line display, solver, bulky (in japan available as fx-4850P, with 32k)

fx-3650: 360 steps (only four programs) 1 segment line + 1 dot matrix line


EL-5120: 1211 steps, solver, 3 line display.



How about the HP-12C/CP and the Aurora Fn-1000?

Their programming facilities are minimal, and they're financial, rather than scientific, so they may be unsuitable. The Aurora, however, may be the lowest-priced programmable on the market.

The TI's have a quite usable Basic for programming. Their classification as "graphing" calculators shouldn't (alone) rule them out as programming platforms. (I suppose price is the more significant factor?)

Do let us know what you decide!


I believe you can still find the Hp20s fairly easily and especially in CANADA. It is a quality calculator and if you used it successfully last year, it should be fine this year. Yes the Hp33s is better, but may still be twice as much ( and unavailable at the momemt ) and if cost is an issue, cheaper is usually better.


Well, i think i will try to get some HP-20S somewhere. It's a shame that nor TI, HP, casio or sharp produce no more scientific keystroke programmable calculator. I should have buy 1000 HP-11C or TI-66 years ago...

HP should have made the HP-30S programmable for a good low end calculator that students like the looks and fonctionnality. I present them the calculator and they told it's great 2 lines calculator better than TI BUT it's not programmable so...


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Once OpenRPN gets close to production we may want to talk. I am very interested in catering to educational institutions. Come check us out and see if we're anywhere close to what you're looking for.

Best Regards,
Hugh Evans

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