15C Display bleeding


My 15C display is bleeding black ... Is there any way to fix it ?

Thx in Advance

Marx Pio


A replacement LCD from a 12C is the only way to repair it. Finding the right one can be quite a challenge as there are three versions. Post the first five digits of your serial number and I can tell you which 12C's to look for.

You may need to remove the keyboard from your unit to access the LCD. It's involved and problematic to get it back together without loose keys but it can be done. Early units (date codes starting with 21 and 22) do not have this problem since the logic module is seperate from the keyboard.


Hi Randy, can I, with the tree ones make only 15C work better?

15C - 2720B03619
12C - 3334S03513
11C - 2711B12472

Thanks in advance




Open the 15C. If it is a one chip version unit, the LCD from the 12C will work.

I do not know which version 11C you have as I have seen only a few Brazilian units. I suspect it is a two chip model which will work in a three chip 15C.

You can refer to this thread for more info on the LCD differences: http://www.hpmuseum.org/cgi-sys/cgiwrap/hpmuseum/archv013.cgi?read=46995

I hope that helps.

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Thanks a lot. Now the challenge starts


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