Data acquisition and the 41 and 71


I have not seem any comments on data acquisition using the 41 and 71 .I am using a 44468a software that came from HP with the 82173 card , I have had some software written specifically for plotting and have burn it into the Zeroom , would like to correspond with anyone with the same interest I do work with battery charge and discharging curve and also printing onto a 7470 plotter.I need help in applying the 71b data acquisition module to accomplishe the same work that the 41 does but at a much faster pace.


What kind of A/D device do you have? 3468? 3421?
Do you use the 7470 via an 82169 converter? please
tell us more about your setup.



Like Carlos, I'm also interested in your setup. I own the 3468A meter and the 3421 unit, so I'm interested, what can be done with the modules. The 3468 manual includes some statements about the 41 module, but nothing about the 71B module.

I'm going to holidays right now, so I'm not at an internet account every day, but I'll periodically check the forum.


Thank you for answering so promptly ,I did buy a HP71B data acquisition
module several years ago for a ridiculous price($200.00)) , I wanted to
duplicate my testing of batterries charges and discharges data acquisition
which was being performed on a HP41CX and the 44468a for the past 15 years
I recently received a Patent # 5,894,212 for this work see ).I hoped that the 71B would allow me to get
the data much faster ( 10 Times ) than the 41 , the fact that the 71 needed
Basic to be used created a probleme since I never learned it.
I have a few 3421A ,3486A , 85B and the PC card 82173A and much HP
accesories that goes with the 41 and 71 ,It is clear to me that if you done
any work with the HP71 and HP85 both requiring Basic software,we will be
able to come to some arrangement to get you the information that you need ,
I will have to be lead by the hand to accomplishe the task ( if you are any
good at it, I have quite a lot of test equipment that could be tied by the
HPIB or IEEE488 ) , do you happen to have a digital camera ? where do you
live ? I am in Conn.USA
Besr regards

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