Expander Module & TabletPC's ??


Does anyone here know if the Expander software module (intended to be installed and run on PocketPC's under Windows CE) will run on a TabletPC under Windows TabletXP? It would seem that a tablet has all the necessary features, but I don't know to what extent the Expander software was tailored to the specific features of CE...? Thanks in advance.



I'm not sure, but I'd say CE software wouldn't work under TabletXP, unless TXP has a CE compatibility mode, which I doubt.
As if this wouldn't be enough, most WinCE applications are written for a specific version of the OS, so mostly WinCE 2 apps won't run under CE 3, and CE 3 apps won't run under PocketPC 2003. For this bullsh*t you'll have to blame MS;-)

Aside from this, same suggestion as for Hugo:

The link below will lead you to a list of hp discussion forums for the 'normal' products, like inkjet printers, and PDAs.


For WinCE / TXP software support, there are various MS related forums and newsgroups.




Win CE software won't run under any desktop version of Windows, since no Win CE device has ever used an X86 processor. All current WinCE devices use ARM variants. You'd have as much luck trying to run Mac software.


David is right--there is no binary compatibility between wince/PPC and the desktop/server versions of windows. However, Microsoft offer a PPC emulator to developers that runs on wintel platforms and which should run on the tablet.

There are several emulators available:

wince 3.0/PPC 2000, 2002
PPC 2002/2003

I run the first of these on my laptop. However that version runs native x86 code so you'd have to recompile the source of the program you want to run. The latter emulators, as I understand it, are complete virual machines. Perhaps that's a solution for Steve.

Spend 30 minutes on the Micro$oft Mobile developer site and you might find an inexpensive solution.


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