hp48gx downloads.


Do I just need the cable to connect the 48gx to the pc, or do I need to purchase some pc software to tranfers files from the pc to the 48gx.




you need the cable, the software can be downloaded from www.hpcalc.org (kwd: connectivity kit, or alike) .

Actually, you only need a PC program called KERMIT,
or alternatively a PC program whch supports the XModem protocol, which most terminal programs do.

There are programs with a complete environment for writing, managing and transferring files from and to the HP-48GX, like HP-IDE (Tom Wellige, IIRC), all available on www.hpcalc.org




There is also a very nice program called hp28 explorer available on www.hpcalc.org. Once you have installed it, you can browse the 48 just like a windows object (drive, folder, etc). Very nice!

Kermit is very good, however it does not come with Windwoes. If you are running linux however, depending on the dist. you have, you should have kermit available.

Mac? Not knowing.



Sorry, the previous post should read "hp48 explorer", not "hp28 explorer".


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