33s Slip Case


Another thing I like about the new 33s is its slip case. A big improvement over the ones supplied with the Voyager and Pioneer series.



True. It protects the buttons from being pressed accidentally. The two seperate batteries to protect the memory is a good feature too, if it works. The only things that have anoyed me so far about it is the decimal (worse for me because i keep it in a baggie at work) and the enter key location (but not the size).

I haven't programmed it yet, I'll wait for the 43 for that. I have my 41 to run programs anyway.


It's a shame when we're evaluating a calc to have to stoop to complementing its slip case ;)

I bought it on a lark. Right now I use a 16C and 41C at my desk.

The 33S would be far far more palatable to me if:

- standard non-'chevron' keyboard layout;

- [Enter^] key above the numeric area along w/CHS,EEX,CLx
- larger displayed decimal point!!

Otherwise KB feel is OK.

Actually this'd be great if they packaged this calc in an HP10B-II package...

Bill Wiese

San Jose




Nobody said anything about buying calculators based solely upon the qualities of their slipcases.

The 49g+ and 33s slipcases are simply said to be "nice".

The calculators themselves will still be evaluated on their own merits.


And anyway, if you don't like the 33s, just throw it away. But keep the case; it makes a great upgrade for your 32SII for 42s, and it's cheaper than the $75 plastic cases I've seen for sale ;-)



Don't throw them away, send them to me (I'll even pay shipping). I like the calculator and don't really give a rat's a*% about the case.

Take care.



Actually several times now I got my slip-covered 33s out of my bag and found it to already be "on". The main problem is that the "on" key is too exposed down in the corner, with no protection against being pressed, which happens easily despite the slip cover. On the 15C the "on" key is protected by the ridges along the sides of the calc that are taller than the keys. Well, just a quibble there...


Also, the ON key does not seem to be as depressed (if it is at all) as on other calculators


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