HP33S question: Poll - Try this in algebraic mode


In algebraic mode (distasteful, I know) :-)



and what do you get?

1) Does your HP33S show 0.5?


2) Do you get a divide by zero error?

Make sure you're in algebraic mode.



Test using two different calculations...


From the manual Appendix C-7 ; In normal operation in ALG mode, the stack in ALG mode differs from the one in RPN mode. (Because when you press =, the result is not placed into X1, X2 etc.) Only after evaluating equations, programs, or integrating equations, the values of the four registers will be the same as in RPN mode.


I can not figure how to change the stack in ALG mode, x1, x2, x3, and x4 stay the same even after evalauting an equation. x4 in my stack is 0.00, so when I perform the fuction x<>y 0 is place in the operation an I get a divided by zero error.


I get "DIVIDE BY 0" error. Are you sure the 33S uses the xyzt stack in algebraic mode? I don't think it does. Are you assuming when the top line displays "24 /", that the 24 is the value of the y register?

If the 33S doesn't use the stack, then pressing x<>y, with the resulting "DIVIDE BY 0" error, is correct, because the y register (or z and t) do not "exist" (ie. it's null or 0) in algebraic mode. Of course, I could be wrong, I don't have my manual handy.

In algebraic mode, try "populating" the four registers as follows: 1 <ENTER> 2 <ENTER> 3<ENTER>. Now try Rolling the stack with the <RV> (roll down) or <R^> (roll up) keys. The top line of the display shows: x1 x2 x3 x4, but rolling the stack shows 0 in each location, which to me, indicates the stack isn't being used. Somebody correct me if I'm not understanding this operation; as I said, I don't have my manual handy.

12345 to delete


I think the ALGebraic "stack" is 14 slots in size



I've never operated it in algabraic mode before....

Take care.



On my machine, in ALG mode, after keying in "24" then "divided by", the top line shows 24 followed by a "divided by" sign, and the bottom row displays 24.0000 (the calc is in Fix 4 display mode). I then key in 12, which shows up on the second line.

Keying in "x<>y" (swap) causes the numbers to reverse:
12 followed by a "divided by" sign on the top row and
24.0000 on the bottom row

Hitting the "Enter" key (which I assume is the "=" for algabraic mode?) results in '12 "divided by" 24 =' being displayed on the top row and 0.5000 on the bottom row.

No divide by zero error.

Interestingly, keying "x<>y" from there causes the top row to clear, and the bottom row to display 24.0000. Keying it again displays 0.5000 on the bottom row, again displays 24.0000, etc. etc.

That is how my machine, which was one of the very first ones sold by WalMart.com, behaves. I cannot explain why some are getting the divide by zero error.

Take care.



I also get the same results as Mr. Stephens.



When I got home from work this evening I tried Gene's recommended calculation on my "new" 33S (purchased from the "second" batch of Walmart.com calcs, about three weeks ago).

With this calculator I get the "Divide by 0" Error. The first x<>Y "swap" entry results in 24 followed by "divided by" in the top row, and 0 in the bottom row, which certainly will result in a "Divide by Zero" error when one pushes the "Enter/=" key. The question is, why is my "newer" 33S treating the "stack" differently from my "original" 33S.

Obviously there is some difference between the "first run" and "second run" of these calculators; or at any rate there are two different "versions" out there.

By the way, I would never have found this little glitch in a million years on my own, because I stubbornly and irrationally refuse to recognize the legitimacy of "algebraic entry" calculators. I am willing to admit they EXIST, I'm just not willing to USE one of the wretched things. Before today, I literally had never put either of my 33S calcs into ALG mode.

I have not yet found any differences between the two when operating in RPN mode, but that doesn't mean they are not there. Thanks A LOT, Gene, now I'm going to be up all night doing "side by side" calculations on these two machines.

Take care.



And boy am I tired...

Take care.



I press "CLEAR" then I try and get "DIVIDE BY 0", trying again, without clearing, I get 2.


I called HP calculator customer support, the technician's calculator swap X<>Y correctly. He got 0.5 when he did the calculation. Said he would send me a new one to try. His Serial # was CNA40..., mine is CNA413....


I'm not sure it is a mistake one way or the other.

It is certainly not something to rush off to replace a 33s for.


I get 0.5. My 33S is one of the early Walmart units (CN404*****).


24 divide 12 X<>Y ENTER

I get 0.5

From WalMart.com in the first lot,

Serial Number CN40401230


Serial 41109..

..but I don't mind, I'm never using ALG.




First I go into ALG mode from RPN.
Key in:
24 divide 12 X<>Y ENTER.
I get 2.0.
So then I hit the left arrow button.
Key in the same sequence and I get "DIVIDE BY 0"!!!
Bought direct from HP May 5th. Ser. No. CNA4110....


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