Transferring LEX,BASIC and TEXT files from SWAP


Recently I have been trying to load my HP-71B and HP-75C/D calculators with files from the SWAP ftp site. I also read the HP Archives Forum article "HP-IL Files: Where, What, Why, How, etc. I have downloaded several files to work with on the HP-75D. I open the files with a hex editor and note the file type e0-89 for the HP-75 LEX file and then the 20 20 20 20 for the file implementation. I then delete the first 32 bytes which is the first two lines in the hex editor. Then save the file. When I Initialize a 3.5" disc on my 9114A with the HP-75D, I can load the file to the disc using the LIFUTIL program. I follow the procedure for the LIFUTIL but when I try to load the LEX file to the HP-75D it accesses the 9114A but just sits there forever. Obviously I have missed sosething. Can anyone Assist in this process?
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Hi Jeff,

My experience is that some files in the lif/swap/... folders are corrupted, and it is better to start from the LIF disc images in the hpswap folder.



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