Another Slice of PI


For those who are curious....

I entered the PI program from PPC V7N5 Page 9 & 10 into the 42S. Just ran it for 500 digits in standard speed mode.

Took 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Now to do a 1,000 digits in both normal and Fast modes.

I'm learning a lot about the 42S command set from just typing in these listings. I'm diffintely getting faster on program entry. Only typed one error this time. :)


(that I know about) is a revision to the one you're running that Ron Knapp himself made.

PPC Journal
Aug-Dec 1981

found on "that other site". :-)

On the original HP41C, it cut the run time from over 10 hours for 1000 digits to 8.5 hours.

If I can, I'll run it for 1000 digits on my 2X HP42S soon and get a time for everyone.



Okay, Here's the results for the PPC V7N5 program run on the HP-42S:

500 Digits - Normal Speed 1 HR 20 Min
1000 Digits - Normal Speed 4 Hrs 50 Min

500 Digits - Fast Speed 40 Min
1000 Digits - Fast Speed 2 Hrs 20 Min

So the Fast Speed is double the normal speed.

Gene - I tried to get the revised program in PPC V8N6 to run. It ran for a while, then quit with error. I may not have entered it correctly since I really don't have a very readable copy of the listing. Do you have a clean copy of the listing that you could e-mail to me at (Put @ in place of dots).



Great work! That's about what I was expecting in the 42S.

The copy online at "that other site" is the only one I have access to right now.

Jake Schwartz of course has them on his great CD roms.

I have a printed copy at home I can check, but the GIF of that page on the "other site" looks pretty clear.

Are there instructions you're not sure about?

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