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Just a question. I really don't understand why hp calculators with surveying pacs are so expensive on eBay. I can understand the price of rarities like W&W rambox or hp-82216A for gx but not for a surveying pac. If someone has an answer, you're welcome.


Simple: Supply and demand. They stopped making them years ago and they remain a very good tool. Sure, lots of users have moved on to newer gadgets but they still can get the job done.

They do tend to get run over by trucks, left on job sites, encased in concrete, dropped in muddy trenches, etc which makes some desperate for a replacement and will pay high prices so they can go back to work.

Just my 2 cents worth.

PS: Seen what's happened to 48GX prices lately? Same logic can be applied. Now that they've been discontinued, it's just one more HP selling used for more than new prices a year ago.


Yes the surveying program that is seen on ebay is a valuable tool for college students taking surveying classes. My teacher promotes doing everything by hand but also likes to see the use of the HP Calcs using these programs. They provide an excellent way to check all of your homwwork and test problems in a surveying course.

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