HP 33s Keypad


I'm an old 41cv user and used to an excellent key-pad - has anyone already experienced the type / feeling of the 33s keys? thanks in advance, rene


As good or better than the 41 series keypads.


i like the feel of the 33s keypad once you get past the layout i wish they made the stack a little bigger maybe six deep.


Spoken like a true hp48 user......


...spoken by someone who doesn't like obsolete limitations :)


What would appease everybody is a user-adjustable stack depth -- anything from two to nine.

And w/ named variables more than one letter long -- and numbered registers too (but really they'll be internally same as named vars, why not).

And STO 0 7 will really be the same as << 7 UNPICK >> on the HP 49 (and 48 i would presume). And RCL 7 would be the same as << 7 PICK >>. It would be a nifty way to add more stack operations. And instead of Rv and R^, there would just be R^ followed by a number, with R^ CHS number being in the opposite direction.

Too bad I didn't finish my entry for that design-a-calc contest.


or it would be nice to have instead of R^ or Rv to be able to use the top/center 4 way directional button to rotate through the stack


Hi René,

The keypad is more than worth it for the money. In the states, we can buy them, with shipping, for $53.00 (and there is a rebate of $10 too but I don't know about that in Europe). It has a good click and I have not had any missed keystrokes.

I would not say it is as good or better tan the 41 though. The keys are larger, and the foot pads are compliant rubber stilts, and so it feels different than a 41c on a talbetop.

However, I would agree that from a practical standpoint the key action is equivalent to the 41C in the most important ways.....but for nostalgia's sake it is hard to say it is better than the 41c---almost heretical to allow such a thought! ;>)




The key click feel is very good. My only complaint (besides the very small decimal point) is that the lettering for the alpha characters (A...Z) is black in color which makes it difficult to pick out from the other lettering. Perhaps they should have used yellow or other distinctive color.

Tom Scott


I played with one for an hour or so and overall it is an okay machine. The keys don't feel bad (compared to the 49g+), but they are not quite as nice as my HP-20s models.
I actually like the silver faceplate, BUT the chevron style key layout was unnecessary and is rather bothersome. The extra silver keys and cursor key up top are the only thing that I wish they had left out. If they hadn't put those things on the 33s, then they could have left the keys horizontal.
I will probably still end up owning one sooner or later.


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