HP-41: Data Transfer to PC via modem?


Hi all,

while playing with the thought, how to exchange data between my 41 and my PC, I came up with the following:

Why build up this complicated chain of devices hard to get: 41 - HP-IL-module - IL-RS232-Interface - PC, when there's this 300-baud-modem (also hard to get, I know).

I don't yet know how it works, but shouldn't it be easier???
AND: my 41 would be part of today's electronically interconnected world :-)

I'm curious ...



Klaus, if you use the Modem (also called Data Coupler) that's also an HP-IL device, thus you still need the same length chain:

HP-41 - HP-IL Module - Data Coupler - PC

The only thing you save is the PC IL-Card, however and as you said the IL-Data Coupler is hard to get. It also presents you with the software problem, what would you use to manage the communication?



Here's, where it's going to become interesting.

- What data is submitted over the coupler: IL?
- Is software available that translates the ominous modem data into useful stuff?
- Do I even have to interpret the data, if I have e.g. a 41-emulator running?

Got no clues so far, though I searched the web and literature thoroughly...



I think that you can use it like the RS232 converter. You must do two programs (one on the HP41 and one on the PC) with your protocol to transfer the data.

But I think that the true problem is the coupler itself. It only accept a phone (it's an acoustic coupler), so you can't use it like the RS232 converter. It hasn't electrical wire to connect to the PC.


P.S.: remove the double "_nospam_" from my address! :-)



That's the clue of it. Modems for PC are widely available, so I "only" need a way to find a means of transporting the data on the physical layer


If you had a modem that worked with the HP-41, then you'd still need to either go through the phone service, or emulate the phone service with your own equipment that would provide the +48VDC and the pull-up resistors so the voltage drops into the area of 6V when you're off hook, and the 60VAC 20Hz ring signal. I've heard there are new computers without RS-232, but I think this is absurd. I wouldn't buy a computer without it.


You may want to have a look at a comms program for xfering files between the HP41 and the HP85. It was published in the PPC Journal (V10N2). Unfortunately you need the the XIO module on the 41, although I suspect that you can get the program to work (more or less) without it.



It will not be too long before it is possible to use USB to talk between the HP41 and a PC. The MLDL2000 is making good progress, only a few tests are remaining and then it is a matter of finishing the routing and making the PCB's!



Dear HP41 / PC enthusiasts,

until MLDL2000 is comming use the "HP41-PC gateway & emulator" (article folder item 311).

Best regards from Germany - Christoph Klug

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