Thinkjet Ink Bladders


I seem to remember someone saying that there was another device, possibly still current that uses the same print head as the ThinkJet printer.

My use of HPIL thinkjets is limited by availability of ink, and if they're still available it would make the printers much more usable.

Any ideas?

Anyone tried refilling them?


The current part is HP51604A. Most of the office supply stores should be able to get them for you for $10-$13. Hope that is what you were asking.


Ditto the above- Office Depot Warehouse in Savannah had 80 in stock, just bought a new inker locally in Phoenix (in stock) for $11.00 US at a little office supply. They are around. Same # as noted above, new HP stock.


If you prefer refills over new cartriges, here's one I used recently:


did they refill with plain paper ink? can i assume that you were happy with the product? if so that's a real good thing for a lot of us to know, thanks.


Yes, tell me about refills!

I'm kind of surprised that you can refill them, given the way they work.

But I'd love to hear about anyone's experience. I'll probably try to source a couple of new ones, but being able to refill them sounds quite nice.


Yes, these use plain paper ink. I was happy with these, although refilling these bladders is not as simple as refilling many of the cartridges that modern ink jet printers use.

I made a quick "google" search on:
51604A refill
and found many other companies offering refill kits and/or bulk ink for this print cartridge, some for substantially less than I had been paying.

I have found the print head good for 10 or more refills if the printer is used heavily, 3-4 if it is used infrequently.

These refills are not for the older thinkjet cartridges designed for use on coated paper - the print head jets are different (or so I have been told).

Hope that helps,



kevin; thanks, i've got two of that type. now i don't have to worry about when they die.

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