HP 49g has a CREAKY case


Hey again,
It seemed prudent to seperate my questions. I am sorry if this is inappropriate and takes up too much room.
I have a 49g that works flawlessly. I have tried two (2) 49g+ models....the bad keyboard and the new/improved keyboard models.
The speed difference is fantastic, but I cannot get past the gold faceplate. Why the heck did they even create the 48GII? They should have simply used the siver faceplate on the 49g+. Sorry, I think gold is gaudy and just as "unprofessional" as the blue case of my 49g model.
In addition, they keys do feel MUCH better and are significantly quieter than the first 49g+ models, but IMHO, the keys still look and feel "cheap". Yes, I am crazy, but I actually like the look and feel of the rubber keys on the 49g model (they remind me of the keys on my RCA remote control). They solid feel that they has is quite comfortable, but that is me.
Sorry...rambling here.....Am I the only one who feels that the 49g was a nice machine?
Now, the real point of this post: did the 49g have issues with the case developing a creaky sound to them or worse, did they ship this way? My TI-89 is solid and quite. So is my three 20s models and my 15c. The 48g models I have toyed with were all solid as well. It would be nice to know whether to expect this off all the 49g models, as I may pick up an extra one as a back up in the next few months.



When I first got my 49g+, I noticed that it felt cheap. I think it is because it does not feel dense. In fact, most of it feels hollow. I compared it to the TI-89 (they are almost hte exact same size), and without its batteries the TI-89 weighs more than the 49g+ does with its batteries.

The 49g+ is a very lightweight calculator. DVD players have a much larger footprint than they need. (For example, most DVD players are nearly the size of a VCR, but they make DVD players (without the screens) the size of a DiscMan). Most of the space in a DVD player is empty. Also, most of the weight in a DVD player is to prevent it from feeling "cheap" They literally put in chunks of metal only to weigh it down.

Personally, I prefer the lighter calculator than one that feels solid (such as the 39g... that thing is a brick)



But do you know if the 49g has an inherently creaky case?


"But do you know if the 49g has an inherently creaky case?"

no, not the two that I have


I also love my 49g i have used for the past 2 years and it has performed perfectly. Mine has also developed a creak since i have droped it about a year go. The keys were also an issue and the begining but after some use they are no longer an problem. It is way better than the TI-89 that all of my clasemates have i can not count the amount of errors they have had because of ALG entry.


Mine developed a creaky case after a few months of light use. I'm think it may be because of a combination of poor construction and stiff keys. It doesn't sound, look or behave like it cost...

There I go again, moan moan moan about the '49G - wish I'd bought the '48 first.

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