HP9810 schematics on museum CD?


I have to repair a 9810/A. Does the museum DVD contain useful data for this purpose, like a service manual or schematics? If not, do you know of other sources?
Thank you in advance,



You can find the complete list of the contents here. After a quick look all I see are:

HP 9810 Operating and Programming
HP 9810 Alpha Rom (HP 11211A)
HP 9810 Math Block (HP 11210A)
HP 9810 Math ROM (partial)


Thank you, should've found that list myself. Looks like almost all the service manuals are there, 9805, 9815, even the 9100 - only the 9810 is missing. Can anybody here help? I think the 9810 manual would make a nice addition to the museum CDs (hint, hint).


HP desktop calculator service manuals never seem to contain full schematics. If you're lucky you'll get a schematic of the PSU section, but not of the interesting stuff like the processor and memory.

However, all is not lost!. Most of the desktop machines, including the 9810, have been reverse-engineered. I am pretty sure HPCC has a 9810 schematic.

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