www.openrpn.org is *live*


Without further ado, I give you www.openrpn.org
We finally have an official home and I think you'll all be quite happy with it... It's a lot more versatile than a simple forum, and as a result you will be able to find useful updates by just looking at the homepage. Many exciting news items are coming soon, so what are you waiting for? Drop on by!



Sure looks good. Congratulations. I am glad to be a member in the group. I really hope we can kick some buttoxes. Being a former PPC member I remember how the PPC ROM module came to be.

Sponsoring meeting that can bring as many members as possible is also important.



Hi Hugh,

Congratulations! I will certainly join in, too. I am really impressed---we now see "talk" leading to "action"!

Best regards,


for mail go to



I haven't had time to follow discussions regarding openRPN so it would be welcome to have on the website a short statement saying what it is all about.



We're working on getting a bunch of content up, mission statement, some form factor renderings, etc. very soon (next couple of days).

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