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I recently purchased a hp 48gx new in the box which my screen produces black numbers while both my friends have 48gx which have the bluish colored numbers. Are they different models? Is that the only difference?


From the user's point of view, the screen is the main difference. Be happy, latest production runs of the HP-48 were made with that high contrast black screen, like in the 49g. Internally there should be nearly no change, maybe a different display driver hardware.

This b/w screen was the main reason for me to purchase another HP-48G+, my several other HP-48 machnes all have the blue-green (G/GX), or worse the bad blue (S/SX). I also have a GX with the low contrast SX display.



Raymond how many 48 do you have


3 x GX (one of them Rev L, with SX display!),

2 x G (one w/384K, one with 2304K !),

1 x G+ (NIB w/b&w display, 1280K & speedup),

7 x SX (amongst them the one with the earliest known serNo #3003A00131),

2 x S (Rev E, Rev J)

If I counted right, 15 units...oops, I forgot my Rev ZERO prototype SX. This unit has no ROM, but an EPROM socket.
So we're at 16;-)

What I'm still looking for are units with ROM rev: B, C, D, H, N, O, and P

I also have some 38G,
4 x 49G (1 used pre-prod, 3 new pre-prod. these hardly count as collectible),
1 49g+



That's impressive, I love the 48GX and have only 3.


Could you supply photos showing side by side all the 48G models with different displays (SX,GX,49) displaying the same B/W picture, please?



VPN, you can do the same, I know that you have lots of 48.
Photso pleas Veli.


"VPN, you can do the same, I know that you have lots of 48. Photso pleas Veli. Thanks"

BUT I do NOT own

A) A scanner

B) A digicamera

C) A mobile phone with a digicamera

D) Anything similar

Just an analog camera, sorry!



There's nothing wrong with being a list, why would you want to be an array? {VPN} -> [VPN] stack diagram of AXL. On the other hand, if you were an array, I can understand why you'd want to be a list ([VPN] -> {VPN} also via AXL).

You always leave us guessing.. (what's he gonna do next? 8^)



No problem;-)

On the
1st pic from left to right: HP-48GX Rev L with SX display,
then GX Rev M with GX display, then my new G+ with b/w display and 1280K RAM.

On the
2nd pic the same arrangement, from a slightly different angle.

3rd pic shows the GX with SX display in the center. THAT's a BIG difference.
Even the GX display viewed from the side is much better, but the best is the b/w display, of course.

4th pic show the calcs from the back. Left is my first GX, bought in USA in 1993 for a (back then) discount price of $259.
In the middle is the special GX with SX display. This unit was a present given to me from Vern Lindsay of Firmware Systems, Inc ,
when I was in Corvallis in 1999 to help them with some PDL HP-48 UI programming stuff.

On the right is my new G+, which has nearly all bells and whistles;-)
You can see the hole for the write-protect switch, which applies to the ports > 0.
Speed up will be performed by pressing and holding the ON key for a specific time.

5th pic shows the same (and my 3rd GX), from a slightly greater distance.

Note: The software which is shown on the displays is the built-in equation library,
activated with my SpeedBrowser in small font mode and sliders instead of arrows.
Both features are switchable, of course.

The white spot on the SI menu key of the unit with SX dipslay is just a big piece of dust.




The Black LCD is undoubtly the best!



Thanks Raymond for the photos.

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