32S Serial number (or lack thereof).


My HP 32S has no serial number. Does this mean it will be ostracized by its peers at the annual convention? Will it be made to feel inferior? Will it ever be able to collect Social Security? Why would Hewlett Packard DO such a thing?

Seriously. Does anyone know why this calculator would have absolutely NO serial number of any kind? It just says "USA" on the back.

Thanks in advance for your help.
Take care.



Wayne --

This issue of a "serial-numberless" calc comes up occasionally. The most likely explanation is that it was a service-replacement unit.

-- Karl S.


It is not a real hp. Do you remember when you used to be able to buy a "Rolex" on the streets of Manhattan for $20? For a little while, there was an hp knock-off fraud going on, too. Except that they didn't hawk them in Manhattan, where there were no engineers to appreciate them. Rather, they used to come around the JPL once in a while, driving an old Toyota Corona. they would park out about halfway out to the southeast in parking lot "B" and when they saw someone wearing a slide rule on the belt, they would come out and strike up a conversation... ;^)



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Were the knock-offs any good? Maybe we should get these guys (if we could figure out who they were!) to help build the open RPN version.

PS Were you at JPL? When? I was a Caltech grad student in the early 70's and used to go across town on occasion to see somebody at JPL. I was never offered an HP knock-off, but this was probably too early - I had my HP 35 for about the last year I was in school, beginning about a year after they first came out. Paid a whole month's grad student stipend for it!


Take care.


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