This forum in your PDA (Avantgo)


Hi! This might be obvious to everyone else out there, but I was personally both very surprised and satisfied to discover that it is possible to set up Avantgo pointing at the "Daily View" of this forum. Yet another use for my HP Jornada 568...and ideal for reading the forum on the go.

Best regards,

Erik Ehrling (Sweden)


Hi Erik!

We're 2 of us at least avantgoing this forum !!!

I also added :

- Other Hp 67 references
- The Clonix homepage of Diego Diaz (including the beautiful "404 document not found page")
- and also the greatest site of all in my view (sorry off topic...) WWW.TABASCO.COM

...sorry couldn't help...

best regards to Erik & all from France.


PS : Diego if you ever read this when you come back from your holidays....pleeeeeeaaaaase answer to my request for a Clonix module desperately left in you bloated mailbox ;-)


What channel settings did you use in Avantgo?

I have tried to set up the channel on my Palm and I do get to see the message index of the Forum, but beyond that, when I try to read forum messages, I only get "Page not available".

I tried both to increase the link depth (to 2 and then to 4) and channel size limit (to 300K).

Could you please tell us what settings are working for you.

Thanks for sharing this information!


Hi Fernando! I use the settings below - they are not necessarily optimal, but they seem to work well for me.

Best regards,

Erik Ehrling (Sweden)


1. Go to Manage Account / Create a Personal Channel

2. Use these settings

Title: HpMuseum


Maximum Channel Size: 300k

Link Depth: 1

Include Images: Yes

Follow Off-Site Links: No


And you may even post messages from Avantgo through the forms submission.

Your postings will be uploaded to the forum at the next sync !

Best regards


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