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Is the 42S faster than a HP48SX with HP 41 Emulator? Thanks


Hi Rick!

I have actually never used a HP-41 emulator on any HP-48 (neither the Zengrange emulator card nor the HP-41X), but the HP-42X emulator runs in equal speed to the real HP-42S on a HP-48SX, so I would guess that a HP-41 emulator would be roughly equal in speed to a HP-42S. (But then again the HP-42S also has a FAST mode, which is programmable on the rev A, that is double the standard speed).

All in all I think taste and what you are used to is more important than speed. There are a lot of people out there that regard the HP-15C as one of the better calculators ever made even though it is actually quite slow.

Best regards,

Erik Ehrling (Sweden)

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