HP case mfg.



Does anyone know who was responsible for the last run of anything from the Pioneer series? Also, who is currently making the 12c and 12cp cases? (kinpo?)

Thanks in advance!!!


NatSteel Electronics. Unfortunately, they would only consider a project if it consisted of an order of one hundred thousand units [at least].



If you're in any industry that's even remotely related, you'll probably qualify to receive Job Shop Technology, an industry trade magazine paid for by the advertisers. See http://www.jobshoptechnology.com/ . It covers all kinds of machining, molding, forming, stamping, extrusions, coating, fastening, etc., etc., etc., and has loads of advertising for companies that do some of the exact things you're looking for with the openRPN project. You'll also find out about trade shows around the country where you can visit the booths of these companies and see plenty of them all at once.


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