It's a mug's auction


Check out this eBay auction for a coffee mug celebrating that its owner loves his/her HP 49G+. It's a shame that "Hewlett" is wrongly spelt. I wonder how many he has? Will it be subject to a recall? Will it be collectible because of the error? Inquiring minds want to know.

Cheers, Julian


Is it possible that he made the mugs himself. I which case the mug has little value. I doubted that HP would make misspelled mug.


Actually this is exactly what I would expect from the New Hewllett Packard run by Carly.


If it was made by hp it would have the hp logo and not Hewl(l)ett Packard written on it.



Unfortunately, today it's even possible that someone made it for HP, but I think it's homebrewn. The 'new hp' uses lowercease initials, a different font for the company name, and the logo. And, of course, they should know how to spell the name of the company.

However, even in the 49g+ manual, or was it the 33s prelim manual, were errors: The writer did actually write the company name with wrong letters !!!



I wonder if the use of capitals for HP and the spelling is a misguided (and probably unsuccessful) attempt to foil hp's legal eagles from trying to do him for copyright

or it could be just plain carelessness...


"I doubted that HP would make misspelled mug." ----> well, did you ever take a closer look on the frontplates of agilent digital scopes? on some of them you find the brand name "infiniium", while on boot-up, the display is showing "infinium". what a wonderful world. single letters can get "en vogue". maybe next intel processor is then named "pentiiiium", although i'd rather prefer "pentivm" for the 4GHz version, just in order to avoid punishment from my former latin/greek teacher...

cheers, hans

(designers, get out of your deliriium!)


There is a very good chance that the Mug or the calculator manuals are contracted to non-HP individuals or companies. Hey, since the merger with Compaq, some of that cross-breeding should affect the performance of HP :)


I am Pentium of Borg. You shall be aproximated.


"It's a shame that "Hewlett" is wrongly spelt."

Maybe that's how it's spelled in Greek!

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