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Hi all,

I know I promised to stop by with updates from time to time... So how about an update?

We have a couple of major things happening right now. One is that we're leaning towards the use of a 60MHz ARM processor as the basis for the design and are discussing some of the options associated with this. Please contribute to this thread with anything opinions:

Second is that I have posted the first rough (and I emphasize rough) drafts of the first form factor, which is similar to the voyager series. Next will be a traditional vertical layout and finally a graphing machine. Case material will be either cast aluminum or carbon fiber composite (negotiations and quotes are in the works almost constantly)

Finally, will be going live within the next couple of weeks. This means an actual page in addition to the forums, so it will be a lot easier to check our progress. It's a personal priority of mine to keep the page updated as close to real time as possible (it always drives me nuts to see projects that are updated a few times a year).

I would like to thank everyone for your continued interest and support in the OpenRPN project. So far I have been suprised myself at the progress we have seen already. I feel that we have a very talented group, all of whom are great individuals, with some excellent individuals. You wanted the perfect RPN calculator, and we will deliver.

Finally, I invite you all again to stop by and register at our forums. The more input we can get the better. Your ideas, no matter how crazy, are appreciated. Off the wall ideas keep us from thinking inside the box!!!

Hope to see you there. Allow me to also express my gratitude to this forum! Without it, I don't know how I would go about finding people who would be interested in this project.

Best Regards to All,
OpenRPN Project Manager

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