Worldwide HP-33S for $59.99 !


This is what I call good news : the era of overpriced 33S on eBay is over ! (I am not affiliated with them, just a happy, returning customer) is selling this brand new model worldwide at $59.99, via both their website and eBay.

Just for fun : this 33S is scheduled for June at Brussel's FNAC (Belgium) at €149.99, which is equivalent to $177.

Ah, the internet ... :-)


Thanks for the tip, I just ordered one!!


Its £49.99 UK Pounds at Classic Calculators in the UK which INCLUDES VAT (which you will have to pay extra on an HP33S imported from the USA). THe unit I got from them was in an HP box, not a blister pack! Dont know if this means there is any difference in the Euro units compared with the US Units?


Was the sticker mentioned here by Tim Wessman included with your unit?

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