The new TTF files are here!


Hi, guys;

you can download the zipped file with all four new TTF files form here:

New TTF files

I think I have finally corrected all glitches in all fonts. Some of the first "versions" had characters too close to each other (printer) and I saw that they were not so close by observing their printer hardcopy. I had to alter each character size (no need to draw them back) in all three printer fonts. Already done.

About the HP42S character set. As you saw, many characters are repeated in some different positions. This is because I thought abouot something that did not work, so I redraw them all as a sequenced block starting at position 160d. If you have programs already typed in and saved as ordinary text files (ASCII coded), it's not gonna be hard to use the HP42S character set and "convert" the listings. If you are going to "upload" from the HP42S to an HP48S/G (does the HP49G+ has its own INPRT program?), keep in mind that some characters are remapped and their codes are changed. The arrangement I made (those loose characters above 192d) allows faster convertion, because these characters occupy positions equivalent to the remapped positions. unfortunately a few ones did not follow the rule...

Some character codes were not possible to redirect (at least I found no way to do it). The ones I wish to find a better solution are the up-arrow (replaced by ^) and the down-arrow (replaced by lower-case v). When showed as spare characters there is no particular prblem, but when they are together with R, in [R^] (roll-up), [y^x] ('y' raised to 'x') and [Rv] (roll-down), I'd prefer seeing the arrows instead of the characters chosen as remapped solutions. It's possible to use search-and-replace while using a text processor, but I tested a few programs to run in an HP48S/G that do the job (still under development and size reduction), but if the program is too big, they spend a lot time running. I thought about some machine-language solution (character detection and replacement seems to be not hard) or even SYS-RPL (I guess it is still slow), but I should read some material and remember some concepts before creating SYS-RPL programs again (I still have the original goodies disks form Educalc...).

Wow! I wrote too much (again). As I have some HP48S/G to remapp the characters that worth a try, I'm posting again.

Best regards.

Luiz (Brazil)

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Hi Luiz! I have problems accessing your link (just a temporary error???)

Best regards,
Erik Ehrling (Sweden)

1234 to remove


Hi, Erik;

I was not able to access the page as well for the last minutes, but suddenly it is active again. I decided to rename the file (no underscores) and I updated the link as well.

Would you please try again?

Best regards and thank you for warnning me about this.

Luiz (Brazil)


Works great now...(and looks great!)


Fonts look great. Looks as if these are a little darker than the first ones. This makes for easier reading. Very nice work.


Hello guys;

thank you for your comments.

And yes, Richard, I used "square dots" bigger than the ones used in my previous TTF for the HP82143A. Also, clearance between these dots is smaller and I allowed them to overlap each other when subsequently neighbors (horizontally aligned only). This way, horizontal lines look like continuous lines, what is closer to what we see in hardcopies.

I saw that the printing characters look closer to their original printing source when their size is selected to 10 or 11 if you are using MS Word for Windows® (BTW, what sort of measure reference is that?). If too large, they tend to look "weird".

I'm working on some new fonts... I'll let you know soon.

Thanks again.

Luiz (Brazil)

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Thanks for the lovely accurate fonts. Very much appreciated.



Another excellent set of fonts. I need to get back to documenting all my 41 and 42 programs, and this will help a lot. Thanks.

I hope all is well with you and your family.

Here, I am trying to work myself into an early grave…fortunately, the current crunch ends next week and maybe I can take a few days off, which would be a good time to use your fonts.

Take care,


Thank you, Fred; it's always good to "hear some known voices"...

Thank you for your continuous support and encouragement, as many others have already shown here. I guess I can contribute this way for now, as I see many others are running HW designs I'd like to be following as well. No problem: at least these fonts may help producing pro-like final PDF documents.

Please, send me an e-mail; I lost many of my good, old contact addresses: (and many precious e-mails)

I'll also take this Saturday morning to complete the HP71B character set, as my friend Gordon Dyer remembered me (an old yet forgoten promise...). I guess it'll be announced briefly from now.

Best regards.

Luiz (Brazil)

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