Keyboard after reassembling


In the last few months I repaired the card readers of two HP-65s and one HP-67. The most difficult task for me during this was to reassemble the calculator after the repair.

It seems that the keys are now not so tight on their metal domes as they were before. When I shake the calc, the keys make some noise. Is this normal? Did a brand new HP-65 also make noises when I would have shakened it?

What do you think? Do you have tips for reassembling?



Did you get the plastic sheet (sneeze guard) and the plastic grating back in properly?


Hello David,

I worked very carefully and the sheets with its two holes is exactly in place.

Perhaps I'm a little bit confused now because the HP-65 is my absolute "superstar" but I think the haptic feeling of the keyboard was better before my attempt to repair it.

Is it normal that the keys are making noises (is "rattling" the correct word in english?) when I shake the machine a little bit?

Thanks for your answer.



It's normal for a 67 to make a lot of noise when shaken; also a 25C.




Yes, "rattling" is correct. In fact, some voyagers do this, to varying degrees--and the new 12c that happens to be made in China rattles most---I don't know about its Indonesian predecessors.

It seems like all these machines have their individual personalities.

So most importantly, does your 65 work properly?




Bit off topic, however I own a USA made HP 15c & 12c with no rattle in the keyboard, however the 1994 HP 12c made in Singapore the keys rattle a little bit but the latest HP 12c made in China rattles the most of all and it is new, does anyone no what change HP made between the original and the latest HP 12c that causes this to happen?


Hi Bill,

perhaps I was a little bit over-motivated. You're right. The main thing is that the machine works. It is in wonderful condition and the card reader performs every operation very silent. That's most important.

I thought, perhaps some members of this forum made similar experiences and have some tips to avoid errors while reassembling.



Yes, all the LED machine keyboards rattle some since the keys just fit loose in the case. One thing to make sure of is that all the screws are in the keyboard (especially the two up at the top near the display). Also make sure that the little pins sticking up out of the plastic keyboard grill are aligned with the holes in the keyboard.

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