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Before I say anything about the HP 49G+, let me state that I am a avid fan and user of the HP 48 series (HP 48 GX & SX) and have been since the HP 48 series was introduced in 1990. However, I have just purchased another HP 49G+ (I bought an earlier model when they came available in late 2003) and I am very pleased to annouce that it is actually usable!

The keyboard is easier to press which reduces data entery errors although some errors still occur (this is due to the keys being hard to press and when pressed the connection is not made). Also because I purchased a new 49G+ I did a little destructive testing on the earlier model (not usable :( ) and discovered that th HP 49G+ is very tough! I dropped it from 5 feet above a concrete floor multiple times and hit it with a small hammer and it took the abuse and kept working like a HP48! As a matter of fact, the 49G+ was very hard to break. I finally hit it with a larger hammer (3 lb) and it died.

The point of my story is: THe new HP calculators are not the classic HP's that we love, however, they are still are pretty good and it seems that HP is addressing the problems with current models and hopefully will end up with a model equalivalent to a classic HP.

Keep the faith people.


Talk about "hammering" the point across!!!


Not untill there are HP branded cals with the former "molded in key lettering" will we have the Classic HP Quality back. As an aside note, I have a HP 20S that does not have the molded in key lettering yet the manual that came with it says it that past case HP was too cheap to change the manual, although they changed the keys...pathetic IMHO.

Personally i think we wil have a Pope become a Presbyterian, before we get molded in key lettering HPs other words wil never happen.


Jack Neely said "The keyboard is easier to press which reduces data entery errors although some errors still occur ".
I don't know about others, but in my line of work [Surveying], errors aren't tolerated. No matter how much positives I hear about the 49G+, once the keys are still unreliable, I will still be using my 48GX, and 42S.

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