TI 84+


New TI released. While not a TI fan, I have to admit that they are doing some things well. For example, I rather like the keyboard concept - it makes it more like a PDA...Oops, I opened that can of worms again....

But I also like the data collection on this. It remains to be seen however if the data collection is robust for the real world, or if it is designed for students only.

Nonetheless, there are a lot of features to have a hard look at. I think I might have to pick one of these up.





the CBL 2 looks much like the Portable DataLab from Firmware Systems;-)



Look at the keyboard, a little "chevron" no?



I am a long time RPN user (since 1976) but thought that I would comment on the TI 8x.

My children starting working with the TI83+ line at their schools and eventually bought their own. These are pretty powerful devices. I would classify them as handheld computers.

Positives: They are loaded with many useful functions (math, stats, finance, etc.) and are accurate. Good documentation. Highly programmable - TI Basic, Z80 assembler (http://www.ticalc.org/pub/text/z80/). Interface well with the PC for adding and transfering applications, upgrading firmware and moving data back and forth. The 83+ Silver Edition is very fast. TI has maintained compatibility with the various 83 models.

Negatives: The ink colors and stenciling on the 83+SE are terrible, especially with the clear plastic background. The 83+ is much better. The keys feel more like a childs Fisher-Price toy than a $130 calculator. The overall layout and EOS take a lot of getting used to. These devices are not intuitive - a good manual is a necessity.

It makes me wonder how HP let this part of their business fall behind. I believe that HP was forecasting the demise of handheld devices in light of the booming PC business and just stopped investing. We will see how well they play catch-up!



I have a HP-48GX and a TI-83+ and i find TI graphing is more intuitive than the HP. I can do the majority of the functions on the TI without the manual but even if i'm a HP for a lot of years, my 48 is still difficult to use after some years of using, yet more powerful. I even prefer the TI-89 it's intuitivity against the 48.


strange, I find a 49 with the equation writer much easier... you don't need to remember the order of the arguements, for, say, integrating sin(x)*x between 3 and 9

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