Jan Lucasiewicz Lives!


At least at HP's marketing dept.





The most important line for me is:
"Also, we will be introducing more RPN calculators in the coming months."

Something to look forward to.


Iqbal wrote:

Something to look forward to.

That page is over a year old, now, Iqbal. What you're looking forward to has already happened.


--- Les Bell



I guess it is. My mistake. Actually, I did see this article a while back, but when Pio posted, I didn't think. I guess the thought of a HP43S was at the back of my mind.
Thanks Les.


Just sorry to burst your bubble. . . it was a nice dream while it lasted, no doubt. . .


--- Les Bell



I think we shouldn't give up hope altogether, I would guess that a 42S successor (e.g. a 42S Platinum, 42S+, 43S etc...) is still something that HP considers; especially if the demand for the 33S turns out to be high.

Let us only hope for 32K RAM, I/O and large ENTER key (in its traditional position).

128K Flash ROM would also be a nice feature for anyone that likes to play with Saturn Assembly. (N.B. the standard ROM is 64K so the additional 64K could then be used for user-customisations...)

Best regards,

Erik Ehrling (Sweden)


Well, I must admit that when I saw that the "Calculators Support" link on the left of the page at http://www.hp.com/calculators/ included the 15C, the 42S, etc. my heart gave a little flutter. Just for a few seconds, I dared to hope. . .


--- Les

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