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Good evening,

I was wondering if anyone here has any experience having one of their 3x series calculators repaired by a Mr. Jon Ibarra in Spain. He offers very good rates, has sent me pictures of some of his repairs, and seems to specialize in the old 30 series units. I am considering sending him a 34C for repairs.

Apparently he has worked on calculators for some who post to this forum so he has invited me to "check his references" here.

Any comments from anyone?


Take care.



Jon Ibarra repaired my HP 41CX (broken key and corrosion on battery contact). This was a very good work, not expensive, and my calulator is now like new. I recommand this guy.


Thank you. I think I'll be sending it out to him on Monday.

Take care.



Jon repaired my HP-34 and did an excellent job at a very reasonable price.

The battery contacts were broken and the keyboard had a non-working key. Jon used parts from another spice model to leave my 34 in very good working and cosmetic condition.


Thank you, Fernando,

I will be sending my "sick" 34C to him today.


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