vectors multiplication


I have the Hp49G calculator and I have a problem:

There is no problem writing [[1,2,3][4,5,6]*[[7,8][9,10][11,12]]
and the calculator gives[[58,64][139,154]].

But if the two matrix are two vectors ((n*1) and (1*n)) the multiplication insn't possible. [ERROR: invalid dimension!!!]
(instead I should obtain a number).
How can I do for solve this operation?



Go to the math menu, select the vectors menu, and then select DOT. If you are in RPN mode, you will want to enter your vectors before doing this; if you are in algebraic mode, the vectors are entered after selecting DOT. If you have a manual, see page 8-5.

I hope it works for you.



Thank you very much Tom,

it works poperly.


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