HP45 battery pack


Can anyone help me with the way I could replace the rechargable pack for a HP45 with alkaline units and connect them to touch the contacts within the calculator. I know their are three batteries in the pack and that they have an unusual connection method with contacts inside the calculator. Or would it be better to just place the alkalines within the pack by cutting it open and throwing out the rechargable units??
Thanking anyone in advance for their help



Rebuilding the battery pack is not hard if you're handy with a soldering iron. You need to get three new NiCad or NiMh "AA" batteries (solder-tab preferably, rather than the standard batteries), cut open the plastic holder along its seam, cut away the copper contacts, solder them to the new batteries, solder the other contacts of the batteries to complete the circuit, then put the whole assembly back in the battery case and figure out some way to hold it together.

I've done it many times, but these days I just pay $15 for very nice packs from this guy:


Heck, just a set of 3 solder tab NiCads cost almost this much!

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