Calculator Support at HP website


Has anyone else noticed that they started

posting the 11c, 15c, 16c and 42s in the

support area? It does say retired models as

well, but they were not there before. The 41CX

isn't there and it retired after the 15c -- according

to the museum.

Link to HPSupport


Wow... I don't think that was there yesterday when I looked. It is definitely a step in the right direction for HP. There isn't much substance to them (how to change batteries and Windows XP support statement for those calculators discontinued before Windows was even invented), but it is a sign that there may be more soon. Maybe HP is trying to get people to remember their glorious past, and if it means a 43s, then I'll keep reminiscing (sp?)



Follow through the links for the 11C and 15C and you will see that the info is a waste of space! Even the calc used to show where the model number is is a 12C.

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