Help with indentifying this rare model


Hello All,

I just go an HP bag that I have never seen before. The leather bag is the same quality of a calculator tanned leather case, but the size is too big for a regular calculator. But the logo is exactly of the vintage calculator leather bag.

I wonder what type of bag is this? is this for a big calculator bag or a bowling bag?

The shape and size matches a bowling bag, but this is a HP, and judging from inside, it is not a bowling bag becuase it has different compartments.

Check the picture here:

I wonder if this one worth to eBay it.

Any help will be greatly appreciated,
Thanks in advance,


Hi Raze,

This is a bag used to carry a HP-9x series calculator. These were calculators with built-in printer e.g. HP-97, the printer version of the HP-67.


As another reply mentions, it's a bag for carrying a HP 9x series desk calculator-- the 91, 92, or 97.

And it's VINYL, for heaven's sake, not leather. I'm amazed so many people can't distinguish plastic from cow skin. Every time I see one of these type cases on eBay it's advertised as "leather".


Sometimes this fake leather is called "leatherette" - as in advertising for a product: "...comes with a nice leatherette carrying case."

Large expanses of fake leather with cloth backing are sometimes called "naugahyde". So when your friends get a cheap leather-look sofa from Ikea, you can ask them, "How many Naugas did you skin to make that sofa?" ;)




at least my 'leatherette' HP-97 bag looks quite different,
and it only has one compartment inside: the one for the calculator, and the handle straps (?) don't go around the case.

I think the bag on the photo is for another (heavier) machine, like the 9815A or alike.



Your right is not for the 9X series calcs.


Without something for scale it is hard to tell what it goes with. It may be for a '97. There were some minor variations in the case design. I have a 9100A case and have seen a purported 9815 case, but they are off-white in color.


I have one of the 9x original bags and it is not like this one. I 100% agree with Raymond's message.


Take care.



Faux leather.

I think "leatheraux" sounds much more elegant than "leatherette".

AND, I did a Google search on "leatheraux" and got ONE result! And that's a contraction/abbreviation serving as a qualification level in a web directory at a Korean chemicals firm (I believe). I may have just invented a word!

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