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Can someone briefly brief me on the differences between the 32S and the 32Sii. I have a couple of 32Sii's (with manuals) and a 32S on the way. I am not getting a manual with the 32S. Is it similar enough to the 32Sii for the 32Sii manual to be helpful in learning the 32S capabilities? If not, is there somewhere I can download a 32S manual as a .pdf file?


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in general, the 32S has *one* shift key;-)
It has no fraction mode, and some other maybe minor stuff I don't recall from memory...
All in all this leads to a less cluttered keyboard legend layout on the 32S. Unfortunately most 32S units have a display with slightly smaller pixels than in the 32SII.
Maybe on this site could be a comparison of the 32S vs 32SII, and the manual of the 32S should be on the CD/DVD set.




Wayne --

As Raymond pointed out, the 32S was designed under the 42S paradigm, with only one shift key and heavier reliance on menus, for a neater keyboard appearance. Users asked for more functions to be more-directly accessible, so the 32Sii included two shift keys in order to "unpack" some functions from menus. The resulting arrangement is not as well-organized as that of the 15C, which was designed to have two shift keys.

The 32Sii added the fraction-arithmetic and, more importantly, the simple Equation Editor that could be used with XEQ, SOLVE, INTEG, and for what you commented about with, "Shhhhhhhhhh!".

-- Karl S.


I must have been suffering from brain fade yesterday. I HAVE the museum CDs and the 32S manual is on them. I guess I was assuming since the 32Sii isn't there yet the the 32S wasn't either. It never hurts to look, though.

Thanks for your help, guys.



Was there a difference between the 50th anniversary 32s and the regular 32s?


The only difference on the calc itself is the golden '50' logo, and the slip case has 'Hewlett Packard' and the '50' logo embossed.

Ah, and another difference: AFAIK of the anniversary version only a few thousand units were made.



Not all the 50th anniversery machines had "50th" cases... apparently they had more machines than cases and shipped some with the regular case.


Hmm, maybe that's the reason why you paid only $70;-)



Nope, the $70 machine as complete with the fancy case... and $20 of the price was overseas shipping.


The amount one is willing to pay on e-bay. I saw a 5oth anniversary edition go for close to $500!


I got a NIB one on Ebay for $70...

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