HP-12C Programming


I'm inputing a program from the user guide, I follow the guide by the letter. My sum still comes out to zero as in the program is not working or it hasn't registered?


the program in question is on page 137 of the user guide, i'm trying to solve for yield and to solve for yield with a 10% residual


Hello, Graham;

I'd like (and I want) to help you, but I think the owner's handbook you have is different of the one I have. Just for checking purposes: the one I have in hand is: "HP12C Owner's Handbook and Problem-Solving Guide" (English), dated May 1984, Revision F. Is it the same as yours? If so, the program you're talking about is the example shown under "Multiple Programs"; is it correct?

I guess my "HP12C OH&PSG" is not the same as yours. In this case, may I ask you what program are you typing in? A brief description would help us (me?) locating it.

I also have the "HP12C Platinum OH&PSG" (English) in hands, and it has a program listed in p. 137 that is meant to be used when you're computing a depreciation by using Declining Balance ([DB]) method when acquisition time occurs any time during the year. Is it the program you're talking about?

Anyway, I found a keystroke sequence in the "HP12C Platinum OH&PSG", now in P. 127, that is related to annual yeld computing. Any possibility that this is the one you're talking about? A misplaced "3" instead of a "2" when typing the page #, perhaps?

Another question (forgive asking questions when you're actualy looking for answers): are you using an HP12C or an HP12C Platinum?

Sorry not answering your question, instead adding four others. No help, I know, I just want to "locate" myself so I'll try to help you anyway.

Best regards. (I almost did not post this...)

Luiz (Brazil)


Hi Luis
I have the HP-12C standard
My Book is the Owners handbook and problem solving guide dated Nov 94 edition 3.
This is type of scenario I'm trying to get my machine to do:
" Equipment worth $5000 is leased for 36 months at $145 per month. The Lessee has agreed to pay the first and last month's payments in advance. At the end of the lease, the equipment may be purchased for 10% (1500) what is the annual yield to the Lessor if the equipment is purchased?
I send a lot of lease transactions to leasing companies that are structured as 10% PUT (Purchase upon termination) and I want to check that the yields are not excessive to the customer.
Thanks in advance!


Graham - that example is on page 177 of my old 1986 12C manual. HP give a keystroke solution - no program. Note 10% of 5000 is 500, not 1500??

Hi to Luiz!

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