hp42 programming question


hello all
my question is;

how could i get rid of an unwanted program labelled as "end"
it contains only one step and appears as the first program in the program list (ie the list activated by pressing xeq).
i just don't want it as the one of the first 6 programs in the list (as the last program would be preferable if it needs to remain in the list)
i would like to get rid of it as i have memorised the keys that contain various program and i can press them without looking (the end program shifts each program along by one)

hope this all makes sense to someone



Hi Paul,

If you go to the first program you've made, that'is the one next to "end" in the function/program-line. Delete the line with "end". Then the "end" in the function/program-line will be attachted to your first program. To get a program in between other programs you have to go to the "end" of the program an add "..", This will insert an "end" in the function/program-line. Place a "LBL" before the "end and you can edit it to enter a program.

That should do the trick, though I am not sure. I don't take my 42 to work to avoid the risk of loss of damage, so I cannot try it for you.. When It doesn't work I'll try something at home.

You only use the 42 for 6 programs ? The minimum of programs I have in my 42 is 12-18, it is only limited by the 8 Kb memory. For matrix-calculations I have to leave 2 Kb free

Have Fun



To remove the ".END." go to the last program and delete "END" the ".END." will be attached to your last program and dissappear from the program-line. If you want to make a new program you have to (in normal mode) type in "GTO . ." this will add the ".END." in the program-line which you can edit to a program. If you want a program in between other programs you have to add an "END" after the end of the program were you want the new program.

You have to see the memory of the 42 as one long list, the only thing that separetes the programs is the "LBL" and "END"

It was some time ago that I did some programming.

Have Fun



thanks Menno

yes now i remember. thank you very much for your time and effort. this help is actually for a friend of mine (i posted this message under my name as it is much easier to get my question across in the "first person" rather than the "third person"
i used to program the hp42s alot when i was in college(a few years ago now) but now if i program anything it is the hp48gx.
he does have more than 6 programs but i think he uses the programs appearing on the first screen most often.

thanks again


Why don't you just assign the various programs to the custom menu. it's much simpler to access your programs this way. this way, you have the programs in the order you need them.

see page 68 on your user manual.


Hi Iqbal,

The costum menu I use for functions that are only approaoch-able from the "funtion-list". Many matrix-functions are "hidden" there as are a lot of other functions which I use (or used) often.


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