OK, it's not a calculator, but it's damn cute!

I just picked up 5 of these for about $US9 each at an auction. Three have already found homes (another collector, the person who bought them for me, and my wife!!!!!!).


Is that an IR interface?

(I've found out about the 4 pin serial IO)

Is that a PCMCIA (SP?) socket? What can I put in there?

What other cute things are there in there?

I'm going to have to pull out my Turbo Pascal 3 compiler and write some programs for it. Goody Goody!


If you still have one of them I'd be happy to adopt it... Reply me at my E-Mail adress for details. And yes the 4 pin serial I/O could be connected to the PC serial port.


Turbo 3 is a good idea, Turbo 4 is possible too. I remember using this language on my 95LX abt. 10 years ago.

It's a cute machine ... and it's a real classic

The IR interface is not IRDA compatible. I believe there is an IRDA substandard using this pulsed RS232 method as far as I remember (I could be completely wrong at this point).

You can use it for saving programs from your 48 and loading it back with the built-in Kermit application. (the other thing I've done often in this times).

Somewhere in the forum, somebody posted the URL of BUDDY95 (or 95BUDDY) on the net. Try to get it. It's a great enhancement to the 95LX.


I've just discovered that I've lost my HP48GX serial cable :-( I assume this is the same pinout?

How do you transfer things to the HP95? Do I use the built-in x-modem or Kermit, or is there something else?

And yes, it's a very cute machine :-)

I wonder if I can write an HP41 emulator for it <grin>

Oh, and sadly one of the HP95s has expired :-( Luckily there were only 4 of us wanting one :-) And maybe the expired one will be a project for the future.


Yes, the 95LX and the 48SX had the same cable pinouts. In fact, the cable without software was the same part number as far as I remember.

I used Kermit with IR transmission set on both machines (transfer rate on the 48 is fixed to 1200 with IR, I believe).

AFAIK the 48SX doesn't support XMODEM, the GX series does.
When I used my 95LX actively, there wasn't a 48GX.


So no one has to search too hard you can find Buddy for the 95lx at: http://www.buddy.com/index1.html

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