RCL 20 - Nice little thing


Wow - I'm looking forward for the weekend. Have just returned from the bookstore at my work, bringing with me RCL 20 by Mier-Jedrzejowicz Ph.D. and Wales.

When the twins are put to bed, I'm gonna sit in my best chair with my legs up, having a nice cup of coffey, enjoying this fine little wonder.

Thanks to the authors - it looks great from the first impressions.



It is a very nice book. I enjoyed the 41 chapter the most (of course), one of the quotes from one of its designers: "the last calculator the user could fully comprehend" (or something similar)...


You'll have a good weekend - it's a most enjoyable read.
I still chuckle over Dean Lampman's (now sadly passed away) recollections of buying the first 35 "Lampman's trying to buy toys" - lol


Just checked Amazon.com and they don't have it.


You need to go to amazon.co.uk to buy it...



Not bad, but I expected more from it.

Best greetings.


Hi, it's nice to see people are still "discovering"
RCL 20. I hope you have as much fun reading it as
Frank and I had preparing it. We were incredibly
lucky (and honored) to get articles from stars such
as Bill Wickes and Dean Lampman. Amazon _should_
have it both in the UK and in the US - thanks for
the warning that they do not have it in the US.
I hope Dave does not mind my saying that should
all else fail, it is OK to email me or
Frank (frank@limov.co.uk) to order a copy. And
if you are not happy with it, let us know what
else should be in the sequel :-)

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