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Make sure you check your references before you go making accusations. I also saw this a few days ago on Amazon.com but if you'll look down at the bottom of the ad in the comments section you'll see that he states that the calc for sale is in fact the 32SII and he explicitly states that it is NOT the 33s. I've dealt with Samson Cables several times and have never found them to be anything but honest and professional. This is a fair proposition considering that he's offering a new old stock 32SII still in the box (in fact you can get them at the website for the same price) and it would go for at least that much on E-bay... I think perhaps if Chris does see this that he will be very offended not just at your harsh words but at the your lack of faith in his integrity. Very sloppy research Joe...

V. H. Taylor


Joe Blow, You are not a man. A man of honor would post his email address and his real name. Your own mother would be ashamed and embarrassed to see what you just did.
My twelve year old has more integrity and more gray matter than you.
You are a liar, you are an ignorant.
As a business man, Chris has all the right to sell his products anywhere, anytime at any price. In this case the item listed is an HP-32SII, had it been a 33S, he still have the God given right to sell at any price. Just in case you’ve forgotten, prices are determined by supply and demand. I don’t understand what you mean by your comment, “ >>> what you have done to the careers of those that are taking the NCEES exams that put there faith in you.” <<< Engineers are not stupid. I took the test using my 41C before they were banned, I put my money and my faith on the calculator of choice, not on the dealer who sold it to me.
Clear you name up and post your real name and your email address so that Chris can contact you, give him a chance !. don’t be a coward.

A. Parsons


Last I checked at http://www.samsoncables.com/catalog/prodDetail.cfm?Prod_ID=363, he's still offering a preorder price of $59.95. Checking on your first link, http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/stores/offering/list/-/B0000DK6G9/all/qid%3D1082075271/sr%3D8-3/ref%3Dxs%5Fap%5Fbun3%5Fxgl23%5Fa/102-5958248-9635333, he clearly states in the comments that this is for a 32SII, not a 33S.

When the first batch of 33S came out in February, he fulfilled a lot of the orders, including mine (I preordered in September.) Whether he's scalping the 32SII's is a matter of opinion (the prices are a littke high compared to to E-bay's auctions, but you get the added bonus of dealing with someone with some knowledge of HP calcualtors, and besides, you're going to get the calculator.)

I'm sure if you ask him to cancel your preorder, he'll do it. It's your perogative.

Tony David Potter.


This Message was deleted. This empty message preserves the threading when a post with followup(s) is deleted.


My name is not important and I see that I was in error. I see that my arrogant anger clouded what I was reading. Chris I do apologize for the words I spoke.

3.14 to delete either post

<hanging head in shame>

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