Simply enough I have lost the battery cover for the unit and am looking for a new one--any ideas?


Look in the archives--I think two back. Luiz Vieira made a new door for a pioneer from scratch! Perhaps you can apply the same principles to a "voyager" (10c 11c 12c 15c 16c)




The links to the images no longer work. Did anyone save copies? Luiz?


Hi, all;

thank you guys; being remembered this way is an honor! 8^)

Here is an image of the final "work":

These are references to other images:






As you can notice, I used a protective (movable) cover from an old VHS tape. It's easy to be seen by the known advice (Do not touch the tape inside).

I "carved" it till it fit in place, then I added the small parts that serve as "guides" for holding in place. I used a small clamp to make sure the parts were hold together while the glue was drying out. About the glue: I used super glue, but there are better choices. The irregular surface was obtained with thin sandpapper with a (latter applied)solvent (thinner).

I don't have the main text from the original post, but I may add more information if needed.

Hope this helps for now.


Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 16 Apr 2004, 4:55 p.m.

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