HP-32SII for sale!



Amazon dot com has one with a price tag of $245 and another at $349.99.

Thank you NCEES!


They were selling for $250 and up long before the NCEES ever threw their helmet into the arena... New 41CX's are still selling for $400... And then there is the used 15C on eBay tonight at $350...

What's your point 'o cloaked one?


I didn't know that. I figured these mid-end calculators wouldn't be so super-expensive - they're not worth it. I assumed the high prices were due almost exclusively to the NCEES. Who would want to pay more than $50 for one of these?

I'm going to use my high-speed Casio fx-250c on the PE exam, anyway.


The point is they don't make them any more. People will pay what it is worth to them to have their favorite tool. Personally, I would not pay $20 for a 32SII. If I did not have a few already, I would pay $400 for a 41CX.


Excellent point. Paradigm shift, too.


On an HP-67, is the paradigm shift the gold, blue, or black one?


The black one before "space".



I have about 12 HP calculators including a 34C, a 41CV, and a 42S. If I had to choose only one to keep it would be my 32Sii.


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