48SX ROM version?


What's the key sequence to display the ROM version on a 48SX or on a 48GX?


Just found this here (http://wwwbzs.tu-graz.ac.at/~fleischh/computer/hp48/horn/postings/faq.txt):

2* How can I tell what ROM revision I have?

Do the following:

1. Turn the calculator on (press ON and then release).

2. Press ON again, and while holding it down, hit the "D" key (the fourth
white key in the top row) and then release the ON key. You should get
three vertical lines in the display, one down the middle.

3. Hit the backspace key (it says DROP and CLR over it). You should get
some meaningless hexadecimal in the first line of the display. (Mine says

4. Press and hold down the EVAL key. It should say:

Version HP48-*
Copyright HP 1989

where the * is an uppercase letter (A, B, etc.) indicating
the ROM version.

5. Release the EVAL key. Hold down ON and hit "C" (the third white key in
the top row. This is a general reset operation that returns the
calculator to normal from the diagnostic stuff (which is where ON-D puts

(The above was mostly taken from a posting by Mark Adler --


Exactly Right for the 48SX/S.

With the 48G series and 49 series, just type in VERSION and press ENTER.

The 49 series has an additional command VER that gives information on the CAS part of the flash ROM.

On the 49g+, at least in revision 1.23, when you start the ON-D or ON-F system test screen, a different version and build number are briefly displayed.

Also on the 49g+, if you start as if you were going to update the flash ROM from the SD card, the boot version and internal serial will be displayed.



Oooops! I missed the GX part of the question... I stopped on the subject line, I fear.



As I think, the command "VERSION" only works with newer 48s´, earlier versions might have problems. I propose the following command for all 48series:



Yes, the VERSION command isn't available on the 48SX/S, so if you type it in, it will be compiled to a global name.

# 30794h SYSEVAL is the equivalent of the SysRPL command VERSTRING. It gets you the binary transfer header string (similar to HPHP48-A) on any 48, but a warmstart on a 49. On a 49, the VERSTRING equivalent is # 2F389h SYSEVAL.


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