Which glue to put labels back


I have a couple of classics on which the back label corners are sticking (or more exactly not sticking) up. This is due to either old age or surgery.
I wonder which glue would you recommend to put them back without compromising surgery in the future.



I always leave out the screws under the label after opening a machine. HP just replaced the label after a repair. Repeatedly lifting the label corners to open a machine now just means the label will become more and more damaged.

But to stick down stubborn corners, I first remove the old label residue with white gas (camping fuel/cigarette lighter fluid). Then I use a neoprene rubber contact cement (Elmer's brand). It is a green liquid. Brush it on the label corner and the plastic case. Don't let it pool in the crease between the label and the case. Let it dry until it turns clear, then rub the corner down from the seam outward. I use a soft cloth and the back of my finger nail to burnish the corner and seam down. Any residual glue is easily rubbed off with your finger. This glue can easily be sliced open with a razor if you do need to get under the label again.

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