41C Keyboard Overlays


Does anyone know of a current source for blank keyboard overlays for the 41C/CV/CX? I'd like to have a few. I have only one right now, and it is in bad enough shape that I cannot even use it as a pattern to make my own.

Thanks. Take care.


PS - I also need a couple "blank" module covers, if anyone knows where I can find them also.


I have a blank overlay that I scanned in. It has a black background to help with cutting out the key slots. The JPEG file is just over a Meg in size. I could send it to you if you like.


I'm trying, with an American enterprise of laser cutting, if they could make some blank overlays to me.
It would be great if other people interested on getting new overlays (HP41, HP15/11/10, HP42, HP 48) to contact me or them and request information. This may bring them to give more carefull in this matter.




Hi Arthr,
I am interested, I have a 41CX. Bruce should be able to even "write' on the surface( not only cutting), but I guess some good guy should put his cad at good use...


I would REALLY like to have a stack of professional keyboard overlays. If possible keep two or three on a sheet with the outlines partially (laser) cut so it could be printed with an inkjet or laserprinter.



Me too !!! :-)

Why not for HP75 too ? ;-)

HP71B ??

(ecc. ecc. )




Iäm willing to trade a bunch of original HP overlays for a working HP 15C



Excellent suggestion. I too would like to obtain about 25 of them. If they WERE inkjet printable, that opens up multi-color, multi-label key labels. With this possible, I now would prefer a somewhat light grey matt surface - just light enough to properly contrast with the black ink. I never did like the usual tan color used by HP.


Thanks, Richard.

Your overlay looks great and it is scaled perfectly. I may try to "trace" over it in AutoCad to make it into a .dwg (or .dxf) file, then see if Artur's contacts could use it as a basis for making some laser-cut plastic ones.

Take care.



Glad I could help. I have also used it to make overlays to use on V41 emulator.


How does that work? I was just wondering about overlays for the emulator this morning. Thanks.

Take care.


PS - Has anyone designed any modules for the V41 emulator yet?


What I did to make things work with V41 was to superimpose the overlay on a copy of the LARGE.BMP file from V41 in Adobe Photo Shop. Saved the new file with the program name it would be used for as a bitmap file. Then when I wanted to use that overlay with the program, I would use a batch file to swap the overlay file with the LARGE.BMP file. When finished I would use another batch file to swap them back.


That's cool. I will try it.

Take care.



There is a magazine called "Servo" dedicated to robotics. In there is a company with a name like "Polou"... can't remember off the top of my head. I think they sell a robo dog kit. They also advertise laser cutting at $2 a minute with no setup charge.



I'm back! The contact could be:

Bruce Filener
31696 S. Ona Way
Molalla, OR

I've sent to all who posted the email in thread a message and would like to help in obtaining the overlays!



The company is at www.pololu.com Laser cutting is $2.50 or so per minute.



Look at this:



Your URL is apparently wrong. I get an error message (in German) from it.


Just use the article number 3811393599, and do an eBay search;-)

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