Need information on repairing 41CX keyboard


Anyone out there have any tips on what to try out when the PRGM rocker on a 41CX doesn't work? The ALPHA function is there after some jiggling with the rocker. I also have problem with the fraction mark "." button. The click is there but it need to be pressed for a little longer time than normal, so if I'm calculating I have to wait up and see if there is a fraction mark in the display.

Any help on this matter is appreciated.


Try to open the calculator. 4 screws under the rubber feet.

Then clean up the upper contacts (below the power/port module chip) and the lower cotacts. Re-position then correctly.

Check if both parts of the calculator are well sticked together when you remount it.

It should work.... Otherwise it's a problelm with the rocker contact, which is much more complicated to repair !


Thanks Thibaut, I already tried that. Seems to be the rocker switch that is the problem.


Sometimes a squirt of circuit board cleaner helps, I have used Electrolube Ultrasolve, you squirt it through the tiny hole in the back of the circuit board, the "exercise" the switch. When doing this, it is possible the switch will get worse before it gets better.

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